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2022 CIO Allocator Insights Webinar Series: Building a Team
One job of every CIO is attracting and retaining a world-class investment team. It’s important to have the right structure and compensation in place first—whether the team is made up of “generalists,” “specialists” or a hybrid of both. Once top talent is recruited, CIOs must foster a culture conducive to retention, in which allocators can learn and grow.
Join CIO for a webinar in which speakers will discuss:
• How to create a governance structure that will attract top talent to your team;
• The roles and reporting hierarchy that will meet your changing needs;
• How to measure and recognize team success; and
• How to incorporate diversity, equity and inclusion in your team’s culture.
Speakers will also share the questions to ask and background to look for to help you hire team members that will meet their responsibilities, drive investment success and be a good cultural fit.


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