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PLANADVISER Practice Progress Webinar Series: Financial Wellness
Sponsored by Betterment at Work

This has been a tough year for U.S. retirement plan participants—and for workers in general. Heading into the year, core inflation was already running above 5%, and it has only spiked since. At the same time, geopolitical events have injected fresh uncertainty into what was already a frothy market, and most retirement investors have experienced substantial reductions in portfolio values. Investment managers say the markets will continue to grapple with the trade-offs between inflation and growth for the foreseeable future.
Expert advisers know such an environment demands a different point of view about the relationship between retirement planning and financial wellness. Achieving a sense of short-term financial wellness is hard enough during times of market growth and economic stability, but the challenge only deepens when inflation and interest rates jump.
This hour-long editorial webinar will help retirement-focused advisers understand what financial wellness means for retirement plan participants in the current moment. Speakers will also explore how the financial wellness solution set has evolved and where the industry is heading, with the goal of helping you achieve practice progress.


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