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2022 PS Plan Progress Webinar Series: Elements to Help Participants Prepare for Retirement
Sponsored by AIG Retirement Services

Other than accumulating savings, employer-sponsored retirement plan participants—especially those older than 50—need to understand what their resources and expenses will be in retirement, and they need a plan for drawing down their savings to meet those expenses. Investment options that preserve savings, tools to estimate basic and health care expenses, plans for claiming Social Security and decumulation strategies will help participants approaching and in retirement feel more secure that they will not outlive their savings. At a time of rising inflation and market volatility, tools for addressing sequencing risk are also important.
Join PLANSPONSOR and a panel of experts for the July installment of the Plan Progress webinar series during which the elements to help participants prepare for retirement will be discussed. Attendees will learn:
• What tools will help participants estimate retirement expenses and the amount of income they can expect and will need;
• Which investment options plan sponsors can include in their retirement plan lineups to help participants preserve their savings; and
• The differences between retirement income/decumulation options that plan sponsors can offer to participants.
Speakers will delve into how plan sponsors can incorporate retirement income options in their plans.


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